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Camino D'oro.

Celebrating the treasures of the golden state.

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Inspired by the great tradition of winemaking.


Camino D'Oro Wines

 Camino D’Oro is inspired by the great tradition of

winemaking in the Golden State. Camino D’Oro

makes reference to the California Gold rush that

brought fame and glory to many. We search out the

hidden treasures of California wine country for you to

enjoy with family and friends.

Cabernet Sauvignon Retail = $28.00

Malbec Retail = $28.00

Zinfandel Retail - $28.00


Gold Rush

Success begets further success.


Our Winegrower

My passion for wines comes from my experiences growing up, working and traveling in Europe and the United States. Early in life, I started my journey in winemaking by working the harvest of 1979 in Bordeaux. Later in life, I worked at wineries in Washington and Napa, attended UC Davis and Napa College, and then became a vineyard manager focused on sustainable farming and environmental advocacy. Managing dozens of properties for the top wineries in Napa and Sonoma taught me the principles of winegrowing and gave me a vision for the kinds of wines that I make today.

Camino D'oro.

Celebrate life's journey with

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